Additional Repairs at Quick Fix Smartphone & Tablet Repair

Here at Quick Fix Smartphone & Tablet Repair you name it, we fix it! Ranging from Tablets, Pc's, Game Consuls, TV's to GPS systems. We will repair most consumer electronics and get it fixed quick, so that you are in and out the door.


We repair all makes and models of Tablets, some main brands are Samsung®, Microsoft®, and Apple®. If you have a crack in the screen, need a screen replacement, have water damage, or have another problem we can solve it. Bring in your tablet today.

PC Repairs

We fix all names and brands, from screen replacements, software and data recovery, port replacement, virus removal, and more. Give us a call or bring your PC in and we can make sure to get it up and running.

Game consoles

Will repair and fix all names and brands of gaming consoles, ranging from Xbox® to PlayStation® and more. Here are some of the main issues that we are experts in at repairing - The "Red Ring of Death", HDMI ports, and Laser replacements. Bring in your game consoles and let us diagnose the problem.


are a specialty of our repair services. Will fix and repair - No power, No back-light, or rapidly changing channels “Channel ghosting”, and more. Give us a call today, we will make sure to get your TV fixed.
Have a question about an electronic device? Give us call today and we can answer any questions that you have.